Why Your Pet Needs A Name Badge

Custom name badges are a very versatile item that can be used for a multitude of things both in the work place and at home.  But why would you want to provide your pet cat with his very own custom name badge?  Read on to find out more.

Lost and found

Most responsible pet owners have their dogs and cats microchipped.  A microchip is an identification device that is implanted beneath the animal's skin.  Each chip has an individual identification number that pertains to the pet.  The chip can be read by a special scanner, allowing lost pets to be reunited with their owners.

However, the disadvantage of microchips is that they can't be seen.  This means that if your lost pet is found by someone, they may just assume that it is a stray.  By kitting out your pet with his own custom name badge, you will make it clear to anyone who finds your wandering dog or cat that it does have a worried owner.

There are some species of pets that cannot have chips implanted, for example tortoises.  If your tortoise decides to go walkabout from your garden, it's pretty unlikely that you will ever see him again, unless he's equipped with a custom name badge showing his name and your contact telephone number.  A custom name badge can be safely and easily glued to the tortoise's shell, making identification easy.

Obedience classes and dog boarding

If you take your dog to obedience classes, or if he spends time with a dog boarder, a colourful and easy-to-read custom name badge provides a really useful way of quickly and easily identifying your dog in a room full of cavorting canines!   

Where to get your pet's custom name badge

In some states, it is law that your dog wears a name badge with your contact information on it.  Your veterinarian will advise you on where you can obtain custom name badges, but many outlets make them, including:

  • pet shops
  • department stores
  • key cutting shops

You can also order custom badges in various colours and designs online.  For a really smart and trendy look for your dog, you might want to colour-coordinate your pet's collar, lead and harness with his custom name badge.  You can even order badges with a bling trim, shaped like paw prints for an individual look.

Custom name badges are not just for use in a working environment.  Even if your pet is microchipped, a name badge makes a very practical and useful addition to his collar.